• The Three Horseshoes Chapmanslade

All tracks lead to the Pub

These are a number of walks around the parish of Chapmanslade with a number of pictures. We found while walking these routes we very often started and ended our walks at the Three Horse Shoes Pub, hence the ne for the series.

4 Miles and 2 Pints

By our footpath correspondent Betty R.
Challenging at times
A 4 mile circular walk from the Three Horseshoes Pub via the Cross Keys at Lyes Green, Corsley.
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The Cross Keys is closed at the time of writing but it is hoped to re-open in summer 2016 under ownership of the local community.

Conditions on this walk can be muddy and a couple of stiles have no friendly dog access, though the route can be modified quite easily if necessary.
Generally the footpaths and lanes around Chapmanslade and Corsley make it possible to lengthen and shorten routes to suit the mood and conditions.
The walks are through several working farms where you may well encounter livestock, crops and difficult conditions. However the scenery, wildlife, views and a welcoming pub will reward all your efforts.
From the Three Horseshoes, start by heading up Wood Lane opposite the front of the pub.
Follow to the end, turn left through the metal gate and on through a metal kissing gate a few yards ahead over the track.
Bear left toward another small steel gate (which no longer serves any purpose as the fence disappeared not long after the gate was provided.)
From here the path is usually well trodden and crosses two fields before reaching the woods ahead. Follow the track into and then running along the edge of the woods. Where the path divides, they soon re-join. (Left is drier in winter but overgrown in summer). The Path eventually exits through the remains of a wooden kissing gate into a field. Keep left toward the house at the corner of the field to the kissing gate that exits onto the main road through Chapmanslade.
Cross the road here, to the narrow lane almost opposite, signed for the village hall. At the playing field keep left along the metalled lane. Follow the lane past a series of paddocks providing homes to an array of pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, cats & ponies. The lane will then descend quite steeply, enjoy the views as you wind your way to the bottom of the hill toward Heath House Farm.

At the bottom as the road levels around a sharp right corner, you will find a stile in the hedge on your left.
Cross the stile, follow the hedge on your left and after a very short distance turn left over a stile by a metal field gate.
From here, bear diagonally right toward a lone tree in the field boundary ahead. As you approach you will see a stile a little way to the left of the tree.
Once over the stile, with Cley Hill in the distance to your left, head diagonally right towards the houses at Corsley Mill that can be seen just beyond the field.

(There is an option here to head straight on, then bearing slightly left up over the hill, then follow the lane to Huntenhull Green to make a much shorter route back to the pub!)
At the (often muddy) corner of the field by Corsley Mill, cross the stile, turn left and keep to the fence as you walk through the pretty grounds along the running stream.
Cross the stile into the lane, turn right and walk straight ahead up the driveway between the houses. Keeping straight ahead cross a stile and past the outbuildings to the far hedge where a stile leads into open fields.

From the stile, walk straight ahead. Aim for the corner post of the fence enclosing a plantation on the left, then follow along the fence until you reach a gate and stile into the planted area.
Cross through the copse, directly ahead is a stile – this is another optional shortcut that runs directly to Pool Farm – but to the right between the trees is another stile where our route continues.

After the stile, bear sharp right toward a metal gate near a tree in the hedgerow. There are often one or two ponies in this field but they are usually uninterested in passers-by.
Past the stile, pick your way up the often muddy track toward the houses at the top of the slope.

Here you exit onto a quiet lane and turn left.
Follow the lane, keeping left, you will join another lane which will eventually lead you past the Cross Keys, a perfect stopping point (if it is open). These lanes are narrow and not entirely car free but they are quiet and cars are usually easily heard.
From the Cross Keys, continue along the lane until just past Pool Farm where, behind a large holly tree is a stile into a small field.
The stiles into and out of this small field have no easy access for dogs, this is probably the only place on this walk where you may have to lift a dog over the stiles.
If unable to cross, then the walk can be modified by continuing along the lane to Corsley Church then left to Chapmanslade but that adds rather more tarmac and it is a shame to miss the lovely section of the walk that follows.
Having successfully crossed the stile from the road, bear slightly right, across the field to the second stile under a tree.
Once over this obstacle, straight ahead is a delightful downhill walk.
Cross a double stile in the fence and straight on to a stile and some old sleepers forming a bridge over a stream.
Across the stream, bear right following tracks running through the field enclosed between trees either side. Diagonally across this field is a stile into the next field which has been planted with hundreds of new trees.

Continue up this field with the fence on your right hand side, until exiting onto the lane ahead.
At the lane turn right, and at the thatched cottages take the right fork.
(Or, if it is all too much keep straight ahead to follow the road back.)

Going right along the small lane will bring you on to another lane. Bear right and on the far side just beyond a garage cross a stile into the field.

Across the field and slightly right is a gate and stile, over this, head up the hill keeping to the hedge on your right. At the top cross the stile into the next field.
At this point the footpath actually heads toward the lone tree in the field and meets another footpath where you would turn left and walk diagonally back across the field. However, conditions rarely make this possible and most people will simply turn left and make their way along the edge of the field keeping to the hedge on the left.

Either way, this brings you to a very muddy gateway. In wet spells and if cows are crowding the gateway this can be hard going.
On reaching the muddy gateway, continue straight on beyond the gate, with the hedge and houses on your left, through the next field to the stile that exits onto the lane at ‘Southcroft’.

From here turn left, follow the lane down to the triangular green with its phone box, bear right up onto the main road and then left back to the pub.
Betty R.  (March 2016)