• The Three Horseshoes Chapmanslade

Chapmanslades' only Byway between Sothcroft and Dye House Farm (CHAP 31) has been impassable to horses and riders for the last month because of a fallen tree and carriages have been unable to get through for more than a year due to a huge rotting tree trunk that had slipped down the steep banks into the sunken lane.

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Volunteers have managed to cut up the massive trunk and stack the wood on the side of the lane. They have also cut down the fallen tree which was too low for horses to pass under even if the rider dismounted. One horse owner said "I tried to get through but I had to take off the saddle so that my horse could squeeze under."

The sunken lane is regularly washed out each time there is a storm and remains a challenge to even those on foot because of the rocky surface. It certainly is not suitable for a family saloon and on a bike can be close to impossible while remaining upright!

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Report AO 29/03/16

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