Irish Night ...

Saturday 9th March 2013
A fabulous night our for everyone was had with much foot stomping. hand clapping and singing. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a good number of people turn out with all sorts of ages.
Thank you to everyone who helped out including the dashing bar staff Ken and Julian. and Tremendous Tim collecting money on the door and his daughter who did a smashing job of selling so many raffle tickets - Well Done!
The food was provided by our ever smiling kitchen volunteers, Wendy, Sue, Denise and Carol. A scrumptious chicken and spinach pie or a Yummy vegatable curry were served up with delicious bread and butter pudding with custard for afters. Charged up with this delectable meal the music restarted and the dancing took off.
With the grandad of the band organising a confusing and amusing dance that involved bumping. arches, galloping and kissing. Much fun was had on the dance floor.
Shebeen really made the room come alive with their fantastic melodic singing and tremendous instrument playing. Nearly half of the audience was dancing at the end and didn't want the band to leave.
If this sounded like the sort of evening you would enjoy be sure to book early for the next event
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