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Latest Chapmanslade Parish Council Briefing

Notes from the Parish Council meetings held on 28th September and 12th October.

Weight restriction and associated road signage:

28th September:  The clerk updated the meeting with the correspondence on this issue.  Highways England is awaiting a further proposal from Wiltshire Council. 

12th October:  The Chairman attended a meeting of Wiltshire Council Community Area Traffic Group and emphasized the safety issue surrounding overweight lorries coming of the A36 towards Chapmanslade.  The representatives from WC promised to speak to their colleagues after the meeting.  KM put forward that there was surely a simple solution available – using stick-on weight limit signage.  Much cheaper than the Highways England solution costing thousands!!



Both meetings:  There are discussions taking place between villages about the possibility of jointly purchasing a speed-indicating device.  The cost per unit is c£3,000 and it is proposed that we put forward to the WC Area Board a grant request to purchase a SID.


Drainage and Flooding:

12th October:  This item was revisited as there is concern about the flooding issue in Huntenhull Lane.  The question is: - Are we making proper allowance for surface water drainage when considering planning applications?  It was resolved that PH will gather details from Ian Buick appertaining to aquifers in the area and then write to the Planning Department and the Highways Department with our concerns.


Planning Applications and Issues:

28th September:  There were three applications discussed at the meeting.

The first was for the erection of a garden shed at the rear of 52 High Street 17/08328/FUL.  It was resolved to postpone a decision until the next meeting as further information was to be requested in relation to the conditions previously imposed when the new house was given planning approval.

The second application was for a single storey dwelling on land at 26 Southcroft 17/08031/FUL.  Local residents voiced their concerns, which mainly relate to drainage and highways issues.  These issues had been raised previously when WC had refused application 13/06477/OUT and the residents felt strongly that the same issues remained unresolved.  It was agreed that the PC would object to the application on these grounds.  It was also agreed that the issue of surface water and flooding issues within Huntenhull Lane would be raised with WC.  (Since the meeting a letter has been sent to WC for the attention of both the Highways and Planning Departments.)

The third application was for 43 Clearwood View to be divided into two dwellings.  Although no objections were raised there was concern about parking provision.


12th October:  Two applications were discussed at this meeting.

The first was the erection of a garden shed at the rear of 52 High Street. 17/08328/FUL which had been held over from the previous PC meeting awaiting clarification.  The concerns of local residents were raised.  This application is difficult as in the previous planning decision 15/09596/FUL there was a condition that no outbuildings/ sheds/greenhouses were permitted, as 52 High Street is a listed building.  After much discussion it was agreed that the PC would object to the application on two grounds, viz: the height of the proposed shed and its location at the boundary, and the need for listed Building Consent in respect of the restrictive condition mentioned previously.

The second application to be considered was the extension of a front porch at 59 High Street 17/06027/FUL.  Other than a comment that the extension was a very large porch there were no objections.


Roadside Hedges and Safety:  Concern was expressed that some roadside hedges and planting were growing into the highway and resulting in sighting issues for drivers and forcing pedestrians to walk in the road. It was noted that the householder or landowner was responsible for keeping the boundary hedges in a well-maintained condition.  It was agreed that if necessary the PC would contact anyone with an overgrown hedge but ultimately if no action taken by the householder the matter would be passed to WC for further action.


Next meeting and Village Plan:

The next Parish Council will be on November 16th at 6.30pm.  This meeting will be followed at 7.30pm by a presentation and discussion on the Village Questionnaire.  There was a remarkable response to the questionnaire, 357 forms returned, and the team has spent much time analysing the responses.  Please do come along on the 16th and discover the details of the questionnaire.


Keith Muston, Chair

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