Chapmanslade Parish Plan

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The Parish Plan Steering Group is currently working hard to produce a draft Plan for review by the Parish Council during January 2019.

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Plan Quick Links

Parish Plan Roadmap

The PARISH PLAN ROADMAP shows the various stages and timeline in the development of the Chapmanslade Parish Plan.

Voice of the Village

Voice of the Village

See the Voice of the Village (VoV) diagram developed from inputs by 25 villagers at an open meeting held at the Village Hall on 29 Sept. 2016.

See also an additional list of Issues and Opportunities put forward by more than 100 people who engaged in the Voice of the Village process at various village events and meetings and by customers in the Three Horseshoes pub during Q4 2016.

Questionnaire & Results

600 Questionnaires were delivered during the summer of 2017 to every household in the village, for completion by villagers 11yrs and older. 359 completed Questionnaires were collected.


Village Voice Intiatives

Initiatives in and around the village which have come about as a direct result of the Voice of the Village and work to develop a Parish Plan are collectively known as Village Voice Initiatives.

Steering Group Meeting(s)

Parish Plan Steering Group meetings are advertised on the village Facebook page and using email circulation lists. 

Issues related to the Parish Plan are discussed on a regular basis at Parish Council meetings.

Parish Boundary

The Parish Plan will cover the whole of the Chapmanslade parish. Click here for an outline of the parish boundary.

Reference Links
Working Groups Action Plan

This Outline Action Plan helps Working Groups to develop each section of the Parish Plan in a consistent way.

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